Donna Earley

Director of Stewardship and Development


Donna Earley serves as the Director of Stewardship and Development. She is passionate about creating a culture of joyful generosity as a part of our discipleship. At Richmond’s First Baptist Church, you will find Donna telling stories of our ministry’s impact and asking our congregation what passions stir their hearts. Donna loves how the family of First Baptist is committed to serving and loving those in need.

 Donna is the wife of Brad and the mom to Mary Sage and Sarah. Donna and Brad were married in the Chapel of First Baptist and have raised their girls at First Baptist. Donna received her undergraduate degree in Marketing from Virginia Tech and her MBA from the University of Richmond. Donna loves reading and visiting the beautiful national parks. As an Enneagram 2 (The Helper) I struggle with boundaries and I am compelled to help people that don’t need my help!