Homeless Ministry

We are passionate about the well being of our neighbors and we work hard to provide all that we can to those that need the most compassion.  Our Homeless Ministry works to meet the needs of those who find us.  Below are the different initiatives that we try to execute annually.

Interested in Volunteering? Join us monthly for the new volunteer interest meeting, First Tuesdays with Compassion at 6:30pm! Click the link to sign upTo learn more please reach out to Emma Tilley.

Anderson Breakfast

An annual Christmas celebration held in memory of Ralph Anderson for those in the homeless community.  The event consists of breakfast, gifts, prizes, fellowship and much more. 


We assist individuals with  assistance to obtain needed medial prescriptions, proper identification and certain emergency needs, as well as referrals.

Community Missions

Showers, clothes, a lending library, fellowship and food for neighbors in need. Learn more here