Farms at Charlotte Acres

This unique partnership includes the FBC Compassion Ministry, the FBC Community Farm Team, the First Baptist Benevolent Association, and the three independent farms at Charlotte Acres. Together we are committed to loving our RVA neighbors by providing access to fresh locally grown foods.

The Farms at Charlotte Acres sit on six acres of land near Mechanicsville, Virginia.  We lend this land to independent certified urban farm operations in exchange for their oversight and management of a quarter-acre garden plot for the FBC Compassion Ministry.  Twice weekly during the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons, fresh organic vegetables are harvested from the FBC plot and distributed to individuals and communities in Richmond.  Volunteers from FBC assist the farmers by planting, harvesting, and providing maintenance. 

Partner Farms

Hazel Witch Farms

Ash Hobson Carr began Hazel Witch in 2018 to provide locally and sustainably grown flowers, herbs, and seeds.  She uses regenerative farming practices to continuously improve the soil, reduce the need for imported amendments and limit the farm’s impact on the surrounding ecology.

Shine Farms

Jess Car and Nicole Broder grow vegetables and raise chickens for their eggs.  They began their venture in 2019.  Their practice includes minimal tillage, effective steps to reduce plastic and waste, meticulous cover crop rotation, reduced outside sourced inputs, and a commitment to high-quality, nutritionally dense food.

RealRoots Food Systems

Mark Davis chooses not to use the word “farm” in his business name because the farm is where it begins, not where it ends.  His multifaceted business is designed to address the lack of access to the food system in multiple ways.  Growing high-quality food, waste diversion via compost pickup and teaching classes to increase community awareness and involvement are all services he provides to achieve this goal.  He is passionate about conscious, food-based activism, and being a voice for food system equity.


Regular volunteer events are held the second Thursday evening and the fourth Saturday of each month.  All are welcome, no experience required!  If you have physical limitations, please let our volunteer coordinator know ahead of time so we can plan tasks that match your abilities.  If you are interested in volunteering click here.