Our Proposed 2024 Ministry Statement

We want to reframe our budget in 2024 to increase clarity of how your dollars are spent. 

Our Budget and Finance Team, with the approval of the Generosity Team, is proposing a simplified structure that moves all funding of ministry and missions under a church-funded umbrella. Our Endowment Board has agreed to fund the building, grounds, and hourly support staff. The Endowment will also support a portion of the Stewardship Department on a temporary basis (3 years).


Why is it called a Ministry Statement and not an Operating Budget? Because the Ministry Statement tells who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

This pie chart shows the 4 purposes of our church. You will see the individual ministry areas and missions within each piece of the pie. The Revenue pie chart shows how and where our total revenue of $4,596,000 is placed. Our church family is being asked to fund $3,235,000 or 70.4% of the total revenue. Restricted income comes from a combination of multiple sources including Endowment. The $450,000 also includes restricted gifts from the Endowment Fund. Earned income is comprised of weekday preschool fees and food sales in our food service ministry.


Pie Chart 2 shows the amount funded through each revenue stream for each ministry area. For example, Weekday school is 100% funded by earned income because all their revenues come from school tuition. The Compassion ministry funds its ministry by funds given by the congregation (69%) and 31% from restricted income (Endowment restricted gifts and designated gifts given directly to this ministry).

Please note: Personnel costs are distributed in their appropriate ministry area. Denominational giving has not been reduced from 10 to 7.5%. If the congregation funds 74.6% of the revenue, then 10% of that is 7%.