Most churches are trying to get people to heaven. We're trying to bring heaven to earth.

How do we do it?

We look around for anything that doesn’t look like Heaven, and then roll up our sleeves and get to work.

You can help!  Whether you live just down the street or halfway around the world.  Anyone can do this work and everyone is welcome.

Ministries & Outreach

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Compassion Ministry

Our motto is, if you see something that doesn’t look like heaven, roll up your sleeves and do something about it.

The need for our Compassion Mission is increasing and could use your help!

Gathering Spaces Renovations

As you enter our building, you are greeted with a welcoming smile, however, our infrastructure isn’t quite as welcoming.

From the lighting to the finishes, it’s time for an upgrade.  If walls could talk, we’d want ours to say “hello neighbor, welcome to First Baptist.  Let’s sit down, get comfortable, and get to know each other.”