Wednesday Nights

Mid-week is a great time to gather for fellowship and family fun at First Baptist. Activities for the whole family are wrapped around a delicious meal. We hope you will join us!

Although the content changes, the schedule is always the same:

  • 5-6:15 p.m.:  Dinner
  • 6:15 p.m.:  Programming in Flamming Hall and Breakout Groups
  • 7:15 p.m.:  Adult Choir rehearsal

Flamming Hall Programming

  • The Story of David: A human after God’s own heart | Presented by John Upton, Retired Executive Director of The Baptist General Association of Virginia
    The Bible is concerned with two major questions, the God question, and the human question. These two subjects converge completely into a single life, Jesus of Nazareth. He becomes the best answer to both the God question and the human question. What is Go like? He is like Jesus. What does real human life look like? It looks like Jesus. The Bible also gives us many stories of other human lives to help us grapple with the human question, however, David is one of the few in scripture that we follow from youth to old age. Nobody seems more typically human and of none in scripture is it said but him that “he was a man after God’s own heart.” So, we are going to spend some weeks with David. We are going to be looking at his life and our life side by side. We are going to be asking, “How can we be living, like David, after God’s own heart.”

Week 1 Class Video

Week 2 Class Video

Week 3 Class Video

Week 4 Class Video

These groups are meeting every Wednesday through November.  Feel free to join as you are able!

Breakout Groups

  • Catalyst Prayer – Adams Room
  • S.K.E.I.N.S. – 280 C
  • Connection Cafe – Foyer
  • Sleeping Bags – LL16
  • International – 240 D

Dinner Pricing

  • Entree & Salad Bar:  $8 (Family max $22)
  • Snack Meal & Child Salad Bar:  $5

RSVP & Menu

Reserve and pay for your meals ahead (preferred), or purchase meals at the door (cash, check, or credit using FBCnow! app). This week’s menu can be found on our RSVP form.